The Stallion Story

A Stallion is a woman who believes that no matter what challenges she may be facing, there is something within her that can overcome any obstacle that she may face.”

It is often presumed that if a product isn’t extremely expensive and if a product is offered at an affordable price then it does not provide its customers the best quality in the market. But this is not the case, and especially not representative of Stallion Hair™ products.

Krystal Chigbu, CEO and founder of Stallion Hair™, was in college when she realized that there was a dire need for affordable yet still top-of-the-line hair extensions for every woman under every budget. However, it wasn’t until last year, in the midst of her second year of law school, that she decided to embark on this journey. She made it her duty to fill the void and solving this problem for women, once and for all!

Stallion Hair™ provides women with top of the line hair extensions that are neatly and durably wefted to endure a variety of styles that last and offers a line of luxurious clip-in hair extensions, closures and wigs at affordable prices. Stallion Hair extensions are 100% completely natural and of the most impeccable quality. These wefted hair extensions are radiant and tangle free. Our hair is versatile, offering both very thick and lightweight hair textures for all hair types. Through a detailed and meticulous manufacturing process, we certify that all of our wefts are highly durable ensuring minimal shedding and longevity.

Since our hair extensions are 100% natural, unprocessed and chemical free, the hair acts just like your own. You may cut it, style it, dye it, perm it, bleach it and highlight it. Although, just like your own hair, chemically altering your hair too often can severely damage the hair. Our products will blend effortlessly with all hair textures and can be styled using a variety of hair appliances. Our curly or wavy textures can be straightened to perfection and our straight textures can easily accomplish a curled look. Stallion Hair extensions are a natural black color.

Stallion Hair™ is not just a hair brand, it is an empowerment movement for women. We want to establish a culture, a community and a mindset where women understand and can feel that they can be great! We want to create a platform that encourages self-love, dream chasing, courage, faith, confidence and everything good. Stallions support one another, Stallions understand the importance of their flaws, Stallions empower, Stallions are forces to be reckoned with. Stallions aren’t born, they are created!!

It’s a movement, join us!