Hair Care


Stallion Hair is devoted to providing you a wonderful experience when using our products. To ensure that you receive all the benefits of your purchase we have suggested hair care recommendations for you. The great thing about virgin hair is that it acts just like your own. You may dye it, perm it, and highlight it. But remember, just like your own hair, too many chemicals can damage the hair. To ensure that you see the benefit of your texture, we suggest you wash and condition your Stallion Hair Extensions before installing them.

General tips

  • Hair extensions should not be handled rigorously and should always be shampooed in a downward motion.
  • Given that we provide approximately 1 extra inch of hair, we suggest that you have your stylist trim the ends, especially if you plan on doing a lot of heat styling. Hot tools can contribute to split ends, shortening the life of your extensions and trimming the hair extensions will give it that effortless, natural appeal.
  • We suggest sleeping on a satin pillow and using a satin scarf because cotton pillows can contribute to drying out the hair.
  • Stallion Hair extensions undergoes a rigorous sanitization process before we package and ship the extensions to our lovely clients; however we do suggest that each client co-washes and conditions their hair extensions before installing.

Hair Styling Products

  • Stallion hair does not need a lot of hair products.
  • We suggest that you use hair products sparingly to sustain the body and natural movement of the hair.
  • Since the extensions are not connected to the roots of your hair, you will not be able to receive the natural nutrients that are released from the scalp. Therefore, to avoid dryness and to keep the hair healthy looking, we suggest you use intensive care shampoos and conditioners. Also try to avoid alcohol based styling products as well.

Chemically Altering Stallion Hair

  • Stallion Hair 100% virgin hair. Our hair extensions can be dyed, bleached, permed and relaxed.
  • Stallion Hair suggests that all chemical alterations are done with professional assistance
  • If you choose to chemically alter your hair, please be careful to ensure that you use hair products that assist in sustaining the lustrous and bouncy movement and feeling. For instance, if you bleach your hair, you should purchase hair products that cater to bleached or dyed hair.
  • Please be aware that, just like your natural hair, chemically altering your extensions may change the texture and or the pattern of the hair.
  • Stallion Hair is guaranteed to last you up to and over a year with proper hair care, however excessive processing can severely damage the hair.

 Straight Hair

  • Our straight hair can be straightened to perfection, curled, crimped and/or styled and anyway you prefer.
  • Hair rollers and flexy rods will work perfectly well with our straight, wavy and curly hair.
  • We recommend that you do not sleep with your straight hair wet either.

Wavy/Curly Hair

  • It is typical for curly hair to encounter some tangling, but don’t worry just get a comb (preferably a wide tooth comb) and gently comb the hair out starting from the ends of the hair to the scalp.
  • To enhance your curls, use anti-frizz, curl defining and curl activating products.
  • Make sure you wash your hair after putting products in your hair with conditioner.
  • To help keep the hair moisturized and hydrated, you can mix conditioner and water in a spray bottle and spray the hair daily making it slightly damp.
  • To keep your curls bouncy when curly, use leave-in conditioners.
  • Curly hair should be brushed when wet to avoid tangling and shedding due to heavy pulling of the hair.
  • To go from curly to straight:
    • Wash and condition the hair.
    • Put in any heat protecting or straightening serums in the hair (but not too much to avoid excess residue and heavy feeling hair).
    • Blow-dry the hair on low to medium heat or let the hair air-dry and then straighten the hair with a straightener.
    • To minimize the amount of heat used on the hair, split hair into small sections, start at the scalp and slowly move down the section hair all the way to the roots.
    • Once you have finished blow-drying the hair, use your straightener to straighten the hair.
  • To avoid excess heat damage, split the hair into small sections and move your straightener slowly from the root to the ends.
  • We recommend investing in high quality hair tools to ensure that your hair looks its best at all times.