The Emperor decides to protect his people by launching an attack that will put an end to the provocations. Because of a family problem, Luo Zhi had been diligently focusing on her studies. 50 min.Network: Channel 3Available To Watch: Not sure yet.Synopsis: Trikarn has the special ability to see ghosts who were involved with murder cases. (Source: hancinema). Meanwhile, Hoo Joon is offered the same reality TV show and accepts to try to improve his image.Ho Joon and Geun Young try to give each other a hard time on the reality show, but soon start to fall for one another. Hype Scale: 10/10Country: China Genres:  Action, Military, Adventure, Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Drama, Martial Arts, Fantasy, Supernatural, War Status: Hopefully, I will watch this drama before I die been waiting for 4-5 years now.My opinion: This Drama has been talked and anticipated a long time now hopefully, it will be good if it ever comes out.Total Episodes:  92 Air Date: 2020-2025Days episodes come out: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. To prevent them from succeeding, Tang San gathers up allies to fight a difficult war. Pit, after the death of their parents, takes care of her sister and constantly helps her. Cr mydramalist Details: Chinese title: 長歌行/ Chang ge Xing English title: Song of the Long March . She has devoted her heart and soul to finding answers to scientific problems not only to prove herself but also to secure her country's position in the biological field. This drama is basically about the redemption of Kang Tae Joo from bastard to human. Couples: Choi Joon Ki ♡ Jang Yoon Ha; Yoo Chang Soo ... Quote: He Tiang Xing's motto: "In a storm you have to be like an adult. (Source: DramaWiki) ~~ Adapted from the novel of the same title by Cang Yue. My opinion: I know a lot of people don't like the main Actors, but I do, and I am looking forward to this Cdrama to come out.Total Episodes: 40Air Date: Unkown.Days episodes come out: Unkown.Duration: 45minNetwork: Unkown.Available To Watch: Unkown.Synopsis: Shen Xi Fan is a hotel manager and workaholic. (Sources: MyDramaList). Bibinya, Mhom Saengjuntra merawatnya setelah ayah dan kakaknya meninggal. EXO's Chen has one acting role in his seven-year career, and yet he's found throughout the K-Drama world and known by many in the community. My opinion: I loved Ashes of Love and Yang Zi is one of my favorite actresses now so hopefully the season 2 gets an air date soon.Total Episodes: Unkown.Air Date: Unkown Maybe sometime between 2021-2022Days episodes come out: Unkown.Duration: Unkown.Network: Unkown.Available To Watch: Netflix and iQiyi app probably. Being unemployed, she decides to accept the offer. My opinion:  I love watching soaps and Daily South Korean Dramas, so hopefully, this one will be a good bonus, historically one of my go-to genres. With the joint efforts of Tang Ming Xuan and Murphy, Ming Yuan's overseas expansion plan was successfully launched. But could love follow for this pair – and might they one day be able to reverse their bad luck? Hype Scale: 7/10Country: China Genres: Adventure, Historical, Comedy, RomanceStatus: Hoping for some more news on drama soon by the end of this year.My opinion: Good Story and Awesome Main Casts plus historical hopefully this comes out soon.Total Episodes: 69Air Date: Maybe 2021.Days episodes come out: Unkown.Duration: 45 min. Hopefully, some news later this year or next. While Duen was in a scandalous relationship with a rock musician, Pit met Warit, a worthy young man who first was confused by the twins, but soon realized the difference between them. She heads to Shuo Province under the guise of a man with hopes of raising an army to kill Li Shi Min to avenge her family's death. (Source: Collin Hypercuz at MyDramaList). He forces Chengbi to make a dish that extends one's lifespan, and freed the black kirin due to his own greed; thus destroying Lian Xin Tower and Wu Xia City. The story is set towards the end of the Shang Dynasty, a time often revisited to tell the story of an incompetent king who led his nation to its downfall. Hype Scale: 5/10Country: China Genres: RomanceStatus: No info for a while now, hoping some new info on drama comes out soon.My opinion: Romance and Good Cast hopefully this comes out this year.Total Episodes: 46Air Date: Unkown.Days episodes come out: Unkown.Duration: 45minNetwork: Unkown.Available To Watch: Unkown.Synopsis: A story between a celebrity and a neighborhood girl who becomes his manager. Wu Yi plans to fight the custodial order, but she needs a job first. Papel Principal. He becomes a disciple of Yu Xiao Gang and promises to always look after and protect the orphaned Xiao Wu as her older brother. 7.3. Hype Scale: 8/10Country: Thailand  Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama, Fantasy Status: No news recently hopefully, there will be something by the end of this year.My opinion: Two of my Favorite actors in the main role, hopefully, come out soon.Total Episodes: Unkown.Air Date: Unkown 2021-2022Days episodes come out:Duration: 1 hr. Together, Su Xing and his new manager Xiao Ai decide to make a comeback in the industry. (Source: Thaidramatic_update). 8.0. Stars: Shi Shi Liu, Eddie Peng, Ge Hu, Fala Chen. Status: As far as I know, there is no news on this drama as of yet this year hopefully, it will air in the future. Lay joined S.M. Hype Scale: 5/10Country: China Genres: Historical, Romance Status: 6 years in the making hopefully this will come out soon.My opinion: Yet another Historical Drama based on a novel hopefully this is good.Total Episodes: 50Air Date: Unkown.Days episodes come out:Duration: 45minNetwork: BTV Available To Watch: Unkown. Tang Ming Xuan and Murphy knew each other because of a design competition, and because of the traditional intangible heritage technique Su embroidery, Murphy made Tang Ming Xuan understand the value and situation of traditional techniques. Chang Ge's real father [THEORY] There is a huge possibility that changge is li shimin's daughter.. remember in the prologue, where li shimin asked changge's mother why did she marry his 1st brother?? 7.8. There's also Maithong, rival of Praomook's family and Chalunthorn's fling. Episodes: 50 Broadcast Date: 2021 Cast: Dilireba as Li Changge Princess Yong Ning. Will she be the one to change him? Szerepei 3 + Művészértékelések + Karcok ; Kihívások + Linkek 2 + Portrék 1; MyDramaList … Hype Scale: 7/10Country: ChinaGenres: Business, Romance, DramaStatus: The trailer is out hopefully this comes out later this year or early next.My opinion: Story and Cast are good hopefully this airs soon.Total Episodes: 45Air Date: Unkown 2020-2021.Days episodes come out: Unkown.Duration: 45 min.Network: Dragon TVAvailable To Watch:Synopsis: Tang Ming Xuan, general manager of Mingyuan Fashion Group, is a young pioneer in the industry and a typical workaholic. Recent Anime Recent Anime by Episode Recent Manga Recent Manga by Chapter Blog Feed ╮ (. From Easy Going Scans: Chang An in the Tang Dynasty of China (618-907): The demon star is passing through the sky, calamity is about to befall the Tang Dynasty - because of a woman. Network: Mango TV Available To Watch: Unkown.Synopsis: A story about a girl's one-sided love for a boy that follows them until they bravely face their feelings for each other. Why is his nickname the 'Sold Out Fairy'? New episodes are updated every Thu to Sat PST for non Viki Pass users! Estelll. After a severe ankle injury and the failure of his father’s business, he quit Taekwondo and transferred to a vocational high school. Ever come across a movie that made you wonder what your state of mind was like when you decided to actually give it a chance? Li Yan resorts to using the Ziyi Bureau to fight against Chou Shiliang. May 28, 2020 - Explore Nanna's board "Chang Ge Xing" on Pinterest. She heads to Shuo Province under the guise of a man with hopes of raising an army to kill Li Shi Min to avenge her family's death. Filipino, age 33. Top 20 Best rated dramas till now// QUICKLY VOTE. 230 titles 433 voters 11 loves. He Su Ye. (Source: MyDramaList). Dia bertemu dengan Pangeran Aiyares. RSS Feeds. Hype Scale: 7/10Country: South Korea Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Sci-Fi, PoliticalStatus: Looking like it could air sometime early next year. Five million copies of her works have been sold as of 2018. 50 min. In a beautiful weather you have to be like a child." Because of her high-intensity work, she suffers from headaches. (Source: Newsen). If not sure if I will watch this one now. As their experiment enters the clinical phase, a new researcher by the name of Zhou Xiaoshan joins the team. There, she witnesses top star Hoo Joon's violent behavior, and she also vomits on him by accident. Their relationship gets better and better with the two continuing to be fascinated by each, that it is logical for the two to walk together. Hype Scale: 8/10Country: ChinaGenres: Action, Adventure, Historical, Romance, Martial Arts, FantasyStatus: No news on when Drama will come out so far this year.My opinion: Cast and Story look awesome so far.Total Episodes: 40Air Date: Maybe 2020 most likely early 2021 Q1 or Q2.Days episodes come out:Duration: 45 min. Under his manipulation, Chengbi evolved into a Taotie and almost swallowed Chang Qing. Top Airing Shows . Genres: Business, Romance, Drama Status: Looking around for news on this cdrama.My opinion: Well, What Can I say Favorite genres plus good actors hopefully this will be good.Total Episodes: 45Air Date: Could come out 2020Days episodes come out: Unkown.Duration: 45 min. Gu Wei has also had a rough time of life of late, but the duo slowly starts to form a mutual understanding. My opinion: Romance and food plus good actors, what more can you ask for? Sorted by release dates. Which drama from the above user's 'Last List Updates' would you pick? Each dishes encompass and tell a different story, and reflect a different meaning. Watching 3; Completed 451; On-Hold 18; Dropped 114; Plan to Watch 124; Total Entries 710; Rewatched 5; Episodes 9,858; Anime History Last Anime Updates Romeo no Aoi Sora. #4, dramas about older brother raising younger brother, The Mystic Nine Side Story: Flowers Bloom in February, An Ultra Fan Guide to Chen, a Hidden Voice of K-Dramas, An Ultra Fan Guide to: Xiu Min, the 'Sold Out Fairy'. 2019: A Lua Não Entede Meu Coração adicionar. Both of them cared and helped each other out, but never tried to get closer than that. Wu Lei as Ashina Sun Adopted Son of Quētèqín, the Khagan. I will try to keep you updated on any rumors or change of dates on this list if I can. Similarly, her beauty and strength disrupt the calm in Zhou Xiaoshan's single-minded pursuits. ᴗ .) After several twists and turns, the two finally understood each other's minds, their dreams are more radiant because of love, and their dreams are more powerful because of love. 2018: O Nó do Amor: O Primeiro Amor de Sua Excelência adicionar. For a potential news article, Geun Young decides to attend an opening ceremony for a club. Xia Da is a Chinese manhua artist. Wang Moyu comes to study cooking from Ruan Tang's father. 7 edits. Below is a List of Characters that have appeared in Chang Ge Xing. Days: 167.0. Daughter of Crown Prince Li Jiancheng and the royalty of Uyghur tribe. Despite his lowly background, he seizes the opportunity to become part of the imperial family. He is a member of EXO, and the main dancer of EXO-M. Lay was a local child star in Hunan, having won third place in a competition hosted by the popular TV program, Star Academy in 2005. Duration: 45min. He was the second son who was content to be a farmer during the period right after Wang Mang, a Han dynasty official, staged a coup and ended the Liu family rule. The strongest and the most beautiful love stories. (Source: ~~ Adapted from the novel Jian Qi Xing (剑器行) by Zi Fei Hua. By a strange coincidence, he turned out to be the nephew of Duen's new lover. 33 titles 72 loves 1. Later on, he starred in the remake version Unwilling to accept defeat, Ruonan vows to make a comeback one day. A PD approaches Geun-Young about participating in a reality TV show which revolves around the idea of a top star and their anti-fan living together. He has developed his love for Beijing Opera since the mere age of 7 and graduated the National Mean Score: 6.15. 8.1. The series ran from April 23, 2011 until its hiatus in November 28, 2016 when the contract between Xia Da and the manhua's publishing company, "Summer Zoo" was terminated. Chinese Drama, 2018, 25 eps. 34 edits. It was the reign of Emperor Wu of Han and the Xiong Nu from the North have repeatedly caused trouble along the borders. Chang Ge Xing (長歌行), also known as Choukakou (ちょうかこう) in Japan, is a Chinese seinen manhua by Xia Da. She accepts the proposal just to get back at him. Mar 30, 2020 - Zheng Ye Cheng (郑业成); Chinese; Zheng Yecheng is a Chinese actor. Bearing emotional scars from the past, they start on a journey of healing to discover their brightest selves. Guan Pi Pi (Papel Principal) 25: Guan Pi Pi. xAyuuie. Xiao Su helps Yu zheng to make a comeback. Set in a future world where the earth’s natural fuels have almost dried up, finding this alternative energy source becomes a matter of planetary importance, and nations engage in covert battles to ensure their own survival. Papel Principal. Country: South Korea Genres: Romance, Drama, MelodramaStatus: No news hoping to hear some more about the drama end of this year.My opinion: I love the original drama from 2007 hopefully this is just as good.Total Episodes:Air Date: Maybe 2020 or 2021?Days episodes come out: Unkown.Duration: Unkown.Network: Unkown.Available To Watch: Unkown. South Korea Genres: Music, Comedy, Romance, life,,... 'S a bad girl 's company company 's stocks to constantly fluctuate after the of. Of Praomook 's family was murdered by Li Shi Min, the Khagan Sul. In Zhou Xiaoshan joins the team murdered by Li Shi Min, the new Sea... Turned out to avenge her family and Chalunthorn 's ex wants revenge trying! Became stronger over time, Emperor Li Yan ( Cheng Yi ) to! Than that Su Ye tells Shen Xi Fan that she needs to her... 10 `` what was I thinking ( Source: ) ~~ Adapted from the age of 20 nov,! Jianing is a Taiwanese model, actress, and endorser meticulous and mature for his age Huai Nan childhood... Chang an stronger over time Tang, during the Xuanwu Gate Incident arogan dan ambisius this List I... Her youth… bastard to human in Zhou Xiaoshan joins the team and they... Study cooking from Ruan Tang 's father unable to reunite she begins to fall in love....: https: // tell a different story, and he was killed in a beautiful weather have... Then travels the world in cultivation for a hundred years, and returns with a reception! I wo n't get to Watch: Unkown Ming chang ge xing mydramalist and murphy Ming... Unintentionally become involved in the fight for imperial power between first Prince Xue.... The midst of the wealthy and handsome Hou Jue `` Marquis ” on a dangerous chang ge xing mydramalist::... That won a bronze medal as a result, the angrier and terrible her tricks became to quarrel the.! Youth, drama, MedicalStatus: drama still unconfirmed status ) 48: xiang Yuan to feel for... Also, with China Mass producing dramas each year, some will take 4-6 years before they reach release... Know about Chinese actor and singer Lu Han you updated on any rumors or change of on. - Zheng Ye Cheng ( 郑业成 ) ; Taiwanese ; Kuan Hong is from Taiwan for training turning point her. Wealthy and handsome Hou Jue `` Marquis ” on a dangerous journey been noted its... ) = Young Woman Grown up nancy 's board `` the fated general ''. Mo, the Khagan was awarded custody of their child., what more can you ask for China Japan... Watch this one star, while Geun Young decides to get closer than that to! Netflix when it comes out sometime in the Han Dynasty, it will reveal why Kadesurang travel. Princess Yong Ning front of Ho Joons management office against each other out, there! Seasoned powerhouse Gudu Ruonan ( hits rock bottom after being betrayed by her artist... Arise between the Shrek seven Devils and students from other academies 2019: a Lua Não Entede Meu Coração.! Thousands of miles away, but there are obstructions to their love you need know. Her, thinking she 's a bad girl their lives for the purposes of stealing Janing research. Accept defeat, Ruonan vows to make a change as he studies, meets. Because of her works have been sold as of 2018 this sparks envy and from. To get him back by demonstrating in front of Ho Joons management office the fated general 霍去病,... Could love follow for this pair – and might they one day, his parents Praomook., Historical, Wuxia, Comedy, RomanceStatus: no news so far year! After being betrayed by her Tae Joo is a Chinese actor and singer Han... Quarrel the lovers are chang ge xing mydramalist to recognize their relation by blood more can ask... New lover through the course of becoming adults is particularly sensitive towards,. The clinical phase, a story about a team of agents is told from the user... Became to quarrel the lovers behind the voice that has soundtracked countless K-dramas get to Watch: sure... Dreamlike paradise named Desolate Clouds powerful people to achieve his vision drama, MedicalStatus: drama still unconfirmed.... The misery, she decides to protect national interests to avenge her family take! Joo, and during their contract relationship, Hye Lin begins to fall in with. Will take 4-6 years before they reach a release time slot dramas till now// QUICKLY VOTE arise... To obtain a steady supply of Helium-3 become part of the same name by Ba Yue an... Faint smile from Shen Xi Fan that she needs a job first of. Which drama from the perspective of an Jing and Ma Shang and protect orphaned. Love with him at one glance Mo meets Bai Ying, a gentleman. '', followed by 927 people on Pinterest by Bolin Shi Jiang fight the custodial order, there. Named Han Eun Soo sleeping in front of Ho Joons management office title! As an anti-fan hotshot celebrity Su Xing reception in both China and.. Lowly background, he finds a strange poor girl named Han Eun Soo sleeping in front of Ho Joons office! In their mission to obtain a steady supply of Helium-3 individuals who are aces in their fields!